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Report a Turtle Dove Sighting

 if you are fortunate enough to see or hear a Turtle Dove, please do help us by logging your sighting on the form below. This will assist us in identifying suitable locations for the future release of our Turtle Doves into the wild. Depending on the date, your sighting could provide further helpful evidence of over-wintering. 

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The Turtle Dove is the UK’s smallest native Dove (L 25-28 cm, WS 45-50 cm), approximately half the size of a Wood Pigeon.

Turtle Doves are generally seen from April to September foraging on the ground or perching on telephone wires but may be harder to see if they are in the tree canopy where they can be well hidden.

They have an orange eye, bright orange-brown feather edges on their upper parts, a white tipped tail and a patch of black and white stripes on their neck.

Their song is a distinctive deep, hard purring, ‘turrrrrr turrrrrr turrrrrr’ repeated several times.

As proof of captive breeding, the birds we release are ringed on both legs with a closed 6 mm size ‘P’ seamless light metal ring. These have kindly been donated to the Trust by the International Ornithological Association (IOA). They are coded green for 2020 and magenta for 2021. Each one has a unique 4-digit number in between the letters and numbers ‘P20’ and ‘IOA’.

For example:

P20 2062 IOA & P20 2063 IOA 

P20 2056 IOA & P20 2057 IOA

Please report any sightings or found birds with the above closed rings to the IOA Membership Ring Secretary at

European Turtle Dove - Streptopelia turtur, ground foraging

Latest Turtle Dove Sightings in East Anglia

01/07/20223Fen Drayton, CambsRSPB 3 singing males
30/06/20222Ouse Fen, CambsRSPB east of River Great Ouse
28/06/20221Smithey Fen, CambsNear Cottenham Lode
27/06/20222Wrabness, EssexEWT am
25/06/20221Foulsham, NorfolkIn garden
23/06/20221Cottenham, CambsAt Lockspit Hall Drove
22/06/20221Abberton, Essexfrom Layer Breton Causeway
22/06/20221Kelling, NorfolkAt Heath
21/06/20222Hardingham, NorfolkOn wires by footpath Hall Farms
20/06/20221St, Ives, CambsAt golf course
19/06/20227Snettisham, NorfolkRSPB
19/06/20221Needingworth, Cambsat Overcote
19/06/20221Maldon, EssexIn garden
19/06/20221Salthouse, NorfolkIn Hawthorn on Heath pm
18/06/20221Burston, Norfolkpm
18/06/20221Roxwell, EssexAt Boyton Hall Lane
18/06/20221Histon, CambsMale at Abbey Fields
17/06/20221Stowmarket, SuffolkFeeding in garden
15/06/20221Longstanton, CambsBy Busway
15/06/20221Sotterley, Suffolkam
15/06/20221Haddenham, CambsMale singing in garden
15/06/20221Martlesham, SuffolkAt creek
13/06/20222Maxey, CambsAt gravel pits
13/06/20221Bluntisham, CambsAt Berry Fen
12/06/20221Titchwell, Norfolknear Patsy's Pool then flew towards village
12/06/20221Nayland, Suffolkpm
11/06/20223Woodbridge, SuffolkNear Kyson Hill, am
09/06/20221Sidestrand, NorfolkFlew East
09/06/20224Holme-next-the-Sea, NorfolkBriefly at Gore Point
08/06/20221Grafham Water, Cambsam
07/06/20221Alderford Common, Norfolkpm
03/06/20221West Row, SuffolkAdult + Juvenile feeding in garden
02/06/20221Great Moulton, NorfolkMale singing at Downsland Park
30/05/20221Wymondham, Norfolkpm near village woods
28/05/20221Harston, CambsIn garden
28/05/20221Russell Green, Essexpm below wires
27/05/20221Mutford, SuffolkOn wires by garden, pm
27/05/20221Fressingfield, Suffolkam
27/05/20221Wakering Stairs, EssexBy sea wall
26/05/20221Feltwell, NorfolkOn farm track at Hythe Road
26/05/20221Hazlewood Marshes, Suffolkam SWT
25/05/20222Trimley Marshes, Suffolkflew towards Shotley
25/05/20221Huntingfield, SuffolkIn garden WNW 1m mile from Cratfield
25/05/20221Hethersett, NorfolkOn wires
24/05/20221Buxton, Norfolkpm
22/05/20221Overcote, Cambspm Great Ouse river
21/05/20222Winterton-on-Sea, NorfolkFlew North over dunes NNR
21/05/20221Fressingfield, SuffolkAt Wakelyn's Farm
17/05/20221Felixstowe, SuffolkLandguard NR
16/05/20221Cley-next-the-Sea, Norfolkpm flew West
16/05/20223Holme next the Sea, NorfolkDunes, flew west
16/05/20226Blaxhall, SuffolkAt Ship Cottages mid pm
15/05/20221Canewdon, EssexAt Lower Raypits EWT
14/05/20221Fingringhoe, EssexMale singing
14/05/20221New Buckingham, NorfolkMale singing
13/05/209223Hunstanton, NorfolkFlew south over cliffs
12/05/20221Ardleigh, EssexAt reservoir - am
11/05/20221Cromer, Norfolkat golf course
11/05/20221Bardwell Suffolkpm
11/05/20221Hulver Street, SuffolkMale singing in garden pm
09/05/20221Carlton Marshes, NorfolkSWT am
08/05/20222Thurston, Suffolkat Black Bourne Valley NR pm
06/05/20222Weybourne, NorfolkFlew over Camp am
03/05/20222West Mersea, EssexAt edge of saltings at Mayday's Farm - am
02/05/20223Stonham Aspal, SuffolkAt Brewery Farm
30/04/20221Santon Downham, SuffolkMid morning between offices & river
26/04/20224Grunty Fen, CambsSeen pm
18/04/20221Swaffham, Norfolkam
13/04/20221Boreham. EssexIn garden
10/03/20221Needham Market, SuffolkSeen & heard Priestley Wood
06/03/20221Swaffham, NorfolkSeen sitting on farmland hedge on outskirts
25/12/20211Broom Green, NorfolkFeeding in private garden
25/10/20211Barling MagnaIn garden
16/10/20211Hunstanton, NorfolkFlew south over cliffs
22/09/20211The Naze, Essexpm
19/09/20213Hulver Street, Suffolk2 adults & Juv. near Sandy Lane
15/09/20211Thorpeness, SuffolkAt old caravan site
14/09/20211Cottenham, CambsAt Smithy Fen
13/09/20211Titchwell, NorfolkRSPB
10/09/20212Beighton, NorfolkSeen early evening
08/09/20211Dickleburgh, NorfolkOff Norwich Road opposite Orchard Farm
08/09/20211Cley-next-the-Sea NWT, NorfolkIn SW corner of Snipe's Marsh
08/09/20211Grunty Fen, CambsAdult In garden
08/09/20211Ouse Fen, CambsRSPB, flew through Cuckoo Fen at 9.35
04/09/202110Snettisham, NorfolkRSPB pm
02/09/20211Wrabness EWT, EssexSeen from sea wall
29/08/20211Abberton, EssexAt reservoir
28/08/20211Salthouse, NorfolkHeath at 3.25 pm
20/08/20211Little Wilbraham Fen, CambsJuvenile
19/08/20211Russell Green, EssexOn wires behind fishing lake mid morning
18/08/20212Wilbraham Common, Cambspm
18/08/20213Etton, CambsMaxey GPs
15/08/20211Pulham Market, NorfolkJuvenile 1 mile north at Colegate End
15/08/20211North Warren RSPB, SuffolkRSPB pm
09/08/20211Weybourne, NorfolkFlew west over camp am
06/08/20211Stradsett, NorfolkAt Grove Farm feeding in a wild bird seed plot
06/08/20211Holme next the Sea, NorfolkOn dunes along approach road
05/08/20212Saffron Walden, EssexNE at Ashdon early am
29/07/20212Wakering Stairs, EssexIn bushes near buildings
29/07/20211Fingringhoe WickEWT pm
27/07/20212Bainton, CambsGPs by fishing lake
22/07/20211Boyton Marshes, SuffolkAt Banters Barn pm
21/07/20211Heacham, NorfolkSouth beach pm
18/07/20211Long Stanton, CambsMidway along Wilson's Road
15/07/20211Thwaite, NorfolkToad Lane opposite Observatory am
11/07/20211Litlington, Cambspm
11/07/20216Stapleford, CambsS at Dernford Farm
10/07/20211Botesdale, SuffolkMale singing 1.5 miles ESE am
05/07/20211Stonham Aspal, SuffolkAt Brewery Farm
05/07/20211HorseyMale singing at Horsey Corner
03/07/20211Blythburgh, SuffolkOn wires above pig farm SSW at Hinton
28/06/20212Ixworth, Suffolk4 miles NE in garden
25/06/20213Keyston, Cambspm
24/06/20212Wicken Fen, CambsAt NT pm
23/06/20213Wakes Colne, Essexam
22/06/20211Fen Drayton, CambsMale singing near Ferry Mere
21/06/20211Heybridge, EssexOn feeder in garden by Elms Farm
20/06/20212Thurston, SuffolkAt Black Bourn Valley SWT pm
18/06/20213Boreham, EssexIn garden
18/06/20211Westleton, SuffolkOn common
16/06/20211Braxted Park, EssexBy road pm
14/06/20211Fen Drayton Lakes, CambsRSPB
13/06/20211Wreningham, NorfolkIn wood
10/06/20211Northrepps, NorfolkAt Hungry Hill am
08/06/20211Langham, NorfolkIn garden am
07/06/20213Covington, Cambsam
07/06/20211St Ives, CambsGP am
07/06/20211Salthouse, NorfolkOn heath
06/06/20212Kimberley, NorfolkOn wires at 8.40pm
06/06/20211Maldon, EssexMale singing am on wire above towpath
06/06/20213West Stow, SuffolkAt country park
06/06/20211Ramsholt, Suffolk8am in tree behind wetland
06/06/20212Lackford Lakes, SuffolkSWT
03/06/20211Ellough, SuffolkAt east end of airfield pm
03/06/20211Thorington Street, Suffolkam
03/06/20211Chelmsford, Essexin garden
02/06/20213Fulbourn, CambsSeen 1 mile NE
02/06/20211Sotterley, SuffolkBy gatehouse entrance to church
02/06/20211Stowmarket, SuffolkNNW at Haughley
31/05/20211Hickling Broad, NorfolkNWT
30/05/20211Happisburgh, Norfolkpm
30/05/20211Tuddenham St. Martin, SuffolkMale singing pm
28/05/20211Kelling Heath, Norfolkpm
28/05/20211Sidestrand, Norfolkam flew E
27/05/20212Foulness Island, EssexSinging males
27/05/20211Cavenham, SuffolkBy Icklingham Road pm
27/05/20212Alderford, NorfolkAt common at 5.30pm
25/05/20211Landguard, SuffolkFlew over NR
23/05/20211Minsmere, SuffolkRSPB
22/05/20211Wattisham, SuffolkMale singing airfield
22/05/20212Walberswick, Suffolkpm
17/05/20211Heybridge, EssexNW at Langford
16/05/20211Danbury, EssexMale singing 1.5 miles E
16/05/20211Colchester, EssexIn garden at Monkwick
16/05/20211Goldhanger, EssexMale singing by sea wall, am
16/05/20211Wells, NorfolkAt North Point Pools
15/05/20211Caister-on-Sea, NorfolkIn garden by golf course
13/05/20211Willingham, CambsWest at Over at Furtherford
13/05/20211Fenstanton, CambsFlew NE over West Brook
10/05/20211Impington, Cambspm