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A Surprise at Christmas

Turtle Doves may be associated with Christmas but it’s unusual to actually spot one on Christmas Day – from a Norfolk kitchen window.

This is the account the Trust received from an excited Fran Makins:

Around 11.30’ish Christmas Day, as I was cooking, I looked out if the window at lot of pigeons and doves feeding on the ground – and thought I saw a Turtle Dove, so carefully went on all fours to my chair to get a pair of binoculars and returned on all fours and gently raised my self up.

Having put the bins to my eyes I realised that it was indeed a Turtle Dove and so took my phone from my pocket and started taking pics. I was SOOO EXCITED that my hand shook but managed to take a couple of videos too.

I (or a sparrow hawk) must have spooked all the birdies because they suddenly flew off. Although sad I was so thrilled to have taken some pics and immediately took them through to my husband Bill.

I returned to the kitchen and about 1/2 an hour later my Sister-in-Law and niece arrived for lunch and I was telling them what had occurred. Although they were pleased I felt that maybe I was not believed. At that point I happened to look out of the window and there he was again! I told them to move very slowly over to me to see him which they did and were amazed.

What a wonderful Christmas ‘present’ for both myself and Bill, the Trust’s founder.

NB: Bill was able to confirm that the the “birdie” was indeed a Turtle Dove. The images referred to are held by us at the Trust and are are available on request.

Perhaps you too have seen one (perhaps two or more) doing your own Garden Birdwatch! If so, we’d be delighted to hear from you.